The Art of Homemade Bread

In this class you will learn: EVERY SINGLE step and technique of making great homemade bread from scratch Save $$...

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Fearless Fermenting

Learn how to make delicious, healthy and probiotic rich vegetable ferments! In this video workshop you will: Lear...

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The Abundant Pantry: Canning

In this class you will learn: How to fill your pantry with healthy, SAFE canned foods. Create a stash of deliciou...

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Herbal Medicine Cabinet: COLDS and FLUS

Learn herbalism while stocking your herbal medicine cabinet for the coming cold and flu season.   **Now coverin...

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Baking with Home-Milled Flour

Using freshly ground, home-milled flour in your baking can really increase the nutrition in your food, but you need t...

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The Art of Homemade Bread Digital Book 

Master the basics of making GREAT yeast breads at home!  What you'll learn: How to make homemade sandwich ...

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Permaculture for Your Homestead Workshop

Have you ever wondered what permaculture is and how it might help you on your homestead or in your garden? In this 50...

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The Household Management Class

Learn How to Turn Your Household Chaos into Household Peace In this video workshop you will: How to have a produc...

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The Abundant Pantry: Preserving Eggs

In this 11-video class you’ll learn: The correct way to handle and store fresh eggs How to choose the corre...

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Scoring Sourdough Bread Digital Book

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