Herbal Medicine Cabinet: COLDS

Learn herbalism while stocking your herbal medicine cabinet for the coming cold season.  

In this class you will:

  • Get Thorough, Practical Video Lessons on Herbal Medicine Making Including:
    • Making Tinctures
    • Herbal Oxymels
    • Medicinal Vinegars
    • Steams, Gargles and more!
  • Learn to use 6 safe and common herbs to treat the whole family
  • Stock Your Herbal Medicine Cabinet with the 6 remedies you need for this cold season
  • Learn The 3 Keys to Herbalism
  • Get Printable Recipe Sheets
  • *Bonus* Herbal Remedy Labels
  • *Bonus* Getting to Know Your Herbs Monographs
  • *Bonus* Herbal Protocol Printables 
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access



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